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260+ Whatsapp Number Of Aunty [Verified 2022]

If you are looking for Whatsapp Number Aunty in India which should not be fake then you are in the right place. Today we are going to share 260+ Whatsapp numbers of second marriage aunty for good relationship purposes only. WhatsApp is the most used app for chatting with people all over the world and with the help of this chatting app you can also find a life partner for you.

Aunty is called for those women who are married and aged or looking for a second marriage. If want to marry an aunty and you want contacts for talking about marriage then you can chat with any of the mentioned aunties on WhatsApp. All the women that we have mentioned are from different parts of India. They speak different languages depending on their localities.

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Whatsapp Number Of Aunty Is For What?

aunty number whatsapp

If you are here then you must be finding a WhatsApp number of aunty and that is what we are sharing with you today but why we are sharing these numbers with you then the answer is that there are many aunties in India who have been divorced or there are many other women who are still unmarried and their age is like 30+ or 40+. So for the convenience of men and women to find each other via WhatsApp we are being a platform for them.

If you are looking for Aunty for marriage then you can easily contact them on WhatsApp with the help of the WhatsApp number we have given on this list of aunty WhatsApp numbers. You can directly message them and start chatting.

How to do First Message Aunty Whatsapp Number?

india aunty whatsapp number

Before messaging on the aunty Whatsapp number you first must know what to type for the first time and how to talk properly with her. It’s about your future because you are looking for an aunty for marriage and for impressing her you must have to learn some main points. You may have seen some of the basic tips to talk to a girl but we are here mentioning some more points that you must keep in your mind while talking to Aunty.

Basic points are always the same for every female like you must give respect to her, talk gently and many more. You should take care of these and then you can talk to her.

  • First Catchy Message: As you have already listen that the first impression is the last impression and very important so you have to best on your first message after greeting her. You can gently give a compliment to her beauty.
  • Give Positive Compliments: You can tell her how beautiful is she or you can say that her eyes, smile, face, or hair are soo beautiful. But always remember that don’t do give over compliments it may impact negatively on your impression.
  • Don’t Flirt: Flirting too much gives a negative vibe and aunty may feel awkward if she doesn’t like your flirt and even she can stop talking to you.
  • Don’t Dive Deep Into Her Personal Life: If you are messaging to “Aunty Whatsapp Number” and asking simple and basic questions about her and her life like education, family, etc is ok. But if you will go deep into her life by asking unusual questions then she may not like this and stop the conversation with you.
  • Respect Her Family: Women’s priority is always their family and they love their family most. You have to respect her family if you want to get respect in return. Respect her and her family as well.

Second Marriage Aunty Whatsapp Number

Second Marriage Aunty Whatsapp Number

It is good if you are looking for a woman for your first marriage but we want to tell you that here some of the aunties are looking for second marriage. They shared their io data for the second marriage. They belong to different states, and cities of India and if you are also interested in second marriage then you can definitely contact them and chat with them. If you like any of them and she also likes you then you can take the next step which is marriage.

There may be many reasons for you and the women here for not getting success in their first marriage and now it is good that you are thinking of moving on and spending your life with a new partner happily and full of love. If you find someone who gives you happiness, love, respect then it doesn’t matter whether they are looking for a second marriage or first. You should never consider this as the most important point just forget the past of each other and move on for a lovely life.

Whatsapp Mobile Numbers Of Indian Aunty

These are the WhatsApp numbers of aunties of different states, cities. You can click on the chat now button to start chatting on WhatsApp. They speak and understand the local language of that particular state.

NameStateMobile Numbers Of Indian Aunty
AashviUttar PradeshChat Now
LakshmiMaharashtraChat Now
MeeraMadhya PradeshChat Now
SaanviMadhya PradeshChat Now
SarikaMaharashtraChat Now
ShylaRajasthanChat Now
SitaChhattisgarhChat Now
UmaPunjabChat Now
AaryaDelhiChat Now
DivyaUttarakhandChat Now
JayaUttar PradeshChat Now
LavanyaMaharashtraChat Now
KimayaMadhya PradeshChat Now
SaumyaMadhya PradeshChat Now
SatyaMaharashtraChat Now
ZoyaRajasthanChat Now
AadhaviChhattisgarhChat Now
AanyaUttar PradeshChat Now
AaryaMaharashtraChat Now
AashviMadhya PradeshChat Now
AlaniMadhya PradeshChat Now
AmaraMaharashtraChat Now
AmulyaRajasthanChat Now
AniyaChhattisgarhChat Now
AnushkaPunjabChat Now
AriaDelhiChat Now
AylaUttarakhandChat Now
DevinaUttar PradeshChat Now
DivyaMaharashtraChat Now
EeshaMadhya PradeshChat Now
FaridaUttar PradeshChat Now
ImaraMaharashtraChat Now
JasmineMadhya PradeshChat Now
JayaMadhya PradeshChat Now
JhansiMaharashtraChat Now
JivikaRajasthanChat Now
JiyanaChhattisgarhChat Now
KareenaPunjabChat Now
KavyaDelhiChat Now
KhushiUttarakhandChat Now
KimayaUttar PradeshChat Now
KiyanaMaharashtraChat Now
LakshmiMadhya PradeshChat Now
LavanyaMadhya PradeshChat Now
LiyaMaharashtraChat Now
MahiRajasthanChat Now
MayaChhattisgarhChat Now
MeeraUttar PradeshChat Now
MilaMaharashtraChat Now
MirzaMadhya PradeshChat Now
MishaMadhya PradeshChat Now
MyraMaharashtraChat Now
NaviRajasthanChat Now
NavyaChhattisgarhChat Now
NevaehPunjabChat Now
NidhiDelhiChat Now
NihiraUttarakhandChat Now
NilaUttar PradeshChat Now
NirviMaharashtraChat Now
NishaMadhya PradeshChat Now
NyraUttar PradeshChat Now
PrishaMaharashtraChat Now
PrithaMadhya PradeshChat Now
PriyaMadhya PradeshChat Now
RahiMaharashtraChat Now
RanchiRajasthanChat Now
RiaChhattisgarhChat Now
RojaPunjabChat Now
RuhiDelhiChat Now
SaanviUttarakhandChat Now
SaharaUttar PradeshChat Now
SaiyaMaharashtraChat Now
SajaniMadhya PradeshChat Now
SamaraMadhya PradeshChat Now
SanaMaharashtraChat Now
SarikaRajasthanChat Now
SatyaChhattisgarhChat Now
SaumyaUttar PradeshChat Now
ShaniyaMaharashtraChat Now
ShauryaMadhya PradeshChat Now
ShivaniMadhya PradeshChat Now
ShivayaMaharashtraChat Now
ShylaRajasthanChat Now
SitaChhattisgarhChat Now
SiyaPunjabChat Now
SoniaDelhiChat Now
SuhasiniUttarakhandChat Now
SuriUttar PradeshChat Now
SuryaMaharashtraChat Now
TashiMadhya PradeshChat Now
UmaUttar PradeshChat Now
VeenaMaharashtraChat Now
VeraMadhya PradeshChat Now
ZaraMadhya PradeshChat Now
ZiyaMaharashtraChat Now
ZohaRajasthanChat Now
ZoyaChhattisgarhChat Now
ZunairaPunjabChat Now

Telugu Aunty Whatsapp Number

Telugu Aunty Whatsapp Number

Many of you want an aunty number who belongs to the Telugu family then here we are sharing a specific Telugu aunty WhatsApp number here. We got many biodatas of Telugu aunties and we found that people who from Telugu are searching for Telugu aunties and for that we divided this section of Telugu differently.

Telugu Aunty NameStateTelugu Aunty Whatsapp Number
MythriTeluguChat Now
MyshaTeluguChat Now
MrinmayTeluguChat Now
MehnazTeluguChat Now
MarisaTeluguChat Now
NyshaTeluguChat Now
NymishaTeluguChat Now
NivertaTeluguChat Now
NivashniTeluguChat Now
RainaTeluguChat Now
SyraTeluguChat Now
SwecchaTeluguChat Now
SvaraTeluguChat Now
TvishaTeluguChat Now
TritiyaTeluguChat Now
TritiyaTeluguChat Now
TisyaTeluguChat Now
UdvitaTeluguChat Now
UpkoshaTeluguChat Now
UtalikaTeluguChat Now
VrustiTeluguChat Now
VritekaTeluguChat Now
VivaTeluguChat Now
VidyadhariTeluguChat Now
VidwathTeluguChat Now
VidhutTeluguChat Now
VijulTeluguChat Now
UjasTeluguChat Now
TejshriTeluguChat Now
TrusharTeluguChat Now
Sai SreeTeluguChat Now
SangamithraTeluguChat Now
SaiyeishaTeluguChat Now
ShrinkhlaTeluguChat Now
ShrizalTeluguChat Now
SamanyaTeluguChat Now
Sri SaiTeluguChat Now
SharnieTeluguChat Now
SanghmitraTeluguChat Now
SivamathyTeluguChat Now
SomdattaTeluguChat Now
Sai SuriaTeluguChat Now
AbhavyaTeluguChat Now
AnoukaTeluguChat Now
Alekhya NityaTeluguChat Now
AdrityaTeluguChat Now
AnkiaTeluguChat Now
RutujaTeluguChat Now
RuthwikaTeluguChat Now
RushmathiTeluguChat Now
RupriyaTeluguChat Now
RupeshwariTeluguChat Now
RupasiTeluguChat Now
RupashiTeluguChat Now
RupaliTeluguChat Now
RupalTeluguChat Now
RunzunTeluguChat Now
RunjhunTeluguChat Now
RunaliTeluguChat Now
RukumaniTeluguChat Now
RukshinyTeluguChat Now


In the conclusion part, we wish that you find your life partner soon and if you find any Whatsapp Number Of Aunty to whom you messaged and you both liked each other then let us know in the comment section.

We want to make you aware that we are sharing this post is for educational and entertainment purposes only. Always remember if you are messaging anyone who is unknown to you then always be alert and never share any sensitive information with them. In case of any harm, lose apkaguru.com will not be responsible for that in any way.

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