Rakhi Sawant Reaction On Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi's affair

Lalit Modi is 10 years older than 46-year-old Sushmita Sen.  Lalit Modi is an Indian businessman and cricket administrator. Modi founded the Indian Premier League (IPL). He was its first chairman and commissioner.

Who is Lalit Modi?

Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen's affair is the talk of the town these days.  Since the romantic pictures of both of them surfaced, people are seen talking about different things.

'Wow Lalit ji what a hand has been beaten. Direct Sushmita Sen. In fact, when I saw Lalit ji and Sushmita, I felt father and daughter. She (Sushmita) is a former Miss Universe but who is she (Lalit)?

Rakhi Sawant Reaction On Sushmita and Modi's affair

Rakhi, while turning the conversation towards herself, said that Rakhi Sawant is not like this. Rakhi only goes after true love. Not after money. Please tell that Rakhi Sawant is currently dating businessman Adil Khan Durrani.

Sushmita Sen Instagram Post Caption

"I am in a happy place!!! NOT MARRIED…NO RINGS…Unconditionally surrounded by love!!  Enough clarification given…now back to life & work!!"

Ruchir says that he is not ready to talk about the personal matter of the family. If it is about business or anything else, then it can be talked about.

Reaction Of Lalit Modi's Son, Ruchir?